8 Next Steps

If you are a caring, enthusiastic individual and wish to become part of a childcare business that makes a difference, please follow the steps below to become the next Wee Watch® franchisee.

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[bs_citem title=”STEP ONE: talk to us” id=”citem_2052-8421″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
Fill out the online Request for Information form and upon confidential review of your information, you will be notified of our mutual interest.
[bs_citem title=”STEP TWO: program review” id=”citem_d512-9e15″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
You will speak with our experienced franchise development consultant and learn what it takes to be a Wee Watch franchise owner. We will mutually explore if this opportunity is right for you, your family and Wee Watch.
[bs_citem title=”STEP THREE: financial review” id=”citem_e5a4-aff5″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
In this step, Wee Watch will learn about your personal and financial goals and you will gain a complete understanding of the overall investment and commitment to the business.
[bs_citem title=”STEP FOUR: franchise disclosure document review” id=”citem_d873-a3d2″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
Your franchise consultant will assist you in understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and how it helps protect and build your business and the Wee Watch brand.
[bs_citem title=”STEP FIVE: talk with current franchisees” id=”citem_0bc8-ed02″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
This is an exciting part of your exploration of the Wee Watch home-based franchise opportunity. You will have the opportunity to speak with our current franchise owners who have been where you are today.
[bs_citem title=”STEP SIX: meet our team” id=”citem_6619-f5f2″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
This is one of the most important steps in the process. Both parties will come together at our Home Office to learn more about each other and make the final decision as to whether or not this is a good fit for all.
[bs_citem title=”STEP SEVEN: execution of franchise agreements” id=”citem_f612-eb65″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
Upon receiving approval from the Home Office, and once you are satisfied that this is the right business for you, we will mutually agree to move forward and execute the franchise documents.
[bs_citem title=”STEP EIGHT: training” id=”citem_0718-dd13″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
Our classroom and on-site training will prepare you for entering the childcare business. Our training covers hiring Providers, childcare safety, educating, presentations to parents and business and marketing planning.
[bs_citem title=”STEP NINE: launch your business” id=”citem_321d-b348″ parent=”collapse_b40c-c043″]
When you return home from the initial training, you will be ready to start the development of your business. Once your home office is set up, you will start interviewing and hiring childcare Providers and then interviewing parents to place their children in the childcare and with the Providers they choose close to their home.

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Purchasing a Franchise with Wee Watch fit my goal of running my own business from home while being available to my school aged children. The Head Office helped with marketing tools and techniques and by following their model, I have successfully been able to grow my business while still being an involved stay-at-home mom.end-quote
– Cheryl Fillion, franchisee since 2007