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[bs_citem title=”Do I need previous daycare or franchising experience to become a Wee Watch® franchisee?” id=”citem_2ef2-9b31″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
No. In fact, we have franchise owners from all walks of life. Wee Watch has a very detailed training program to assist our franchisees in the operation of a childcare business. Wee Watch franchise owners also possess people skills and key management skills.
[bs_citem title=”What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?” id=”citem_21f8-9342″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
The initial franchisee fee is $30,000 and the royalty fee is eight percent (8%).
[bs_citem title=”Does Wee Watch offer financing?” id=”citem_5bb4-c7db” parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
Wee Watch does not offer financing.
[bs_citem title=”How soon can I expect my Wee Watch daycare franchise to open?” id=”citem_db54-6d13″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
After you sign the agreements, you can expect to attend training and start your business within four to six weeks.
[bs_citem title=”Must I invest in expensive real estate or enter into long-term leases to operate a Wee Watch franchise?” id=”citem_4c81-4370″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
No. One of the fantastic advantages of owning a Wee Watch childcare business is that it is home-based. You will hire the Providers to care for children in the safety of a Provider’s home.
[bs_citem title=”From a parent’s perspective, what are some of the competitive advantages of the Wee Watch in-home franchise system versus a childcare center?” id=”citem_af2c-5f75″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]

  • Child care in a home setting
  • Parents can pick the neighborhood as well as the Provider
  • Siblings can stay together during child care
  • Exclusive Wee Learn Program
  • Flexible hours
  • Children are only transported with parent approval

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[bs_citem title=”Will I receive guidance on hiring daycare Providers for my Wee Watch franchise?” id=”citem_8148-53e1″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
Yes. During your initial training, we will prepare you to return home to start hiring professional, qualified daycare Providers.
[bs_citem title=”What kind of training will I receive as a new Wee Watch franchisee?” id=”citem_b43f-c425″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
As a Wee Watch franchisee, you will receive three phases of thorough training, covering all you need to know to successfully own and operate a daycare franchise.
[bs_citem title=”How much money can I make?” id=”citem_977c-353e” parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]

As of August 31, 2010, existing Canadian Wee Watch franchisees in operation for 24 months averaged C$530,000 in gross home-based business sales between September 2009 and August 2010. Please see our Franchise Disclosure Document for full details.*

*There is no guarantee you will do as well. The results presented are those of our Canadian franchisees open for more than 24 months as of August 31, 2010 in Canadian markets. Your results may vary upon the location of your franchised business. This analysis does not contain information concerning operating costs or expenses. Revenues and operating costs and expenses may vary substantially from franchised business to franchised business. Please see our Franchise Disclosure Document for full details.
[bs_citem title=”How do I get started?” id=”citem_fe51-7b73″ parent=”collapse_ee61-f449″]
First, fill out the Request for Information form. Once we receive your information, you will speak with our franchise development consultant and they will walk you through the Qualification and Research phase of our process. Upon completion of that step, and if both parties feel a good match is at hand, you will be invited to the corporate headquarters for a visit.


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As a Wee Watch franchisee, I have been given the opportunity to run my own business based on a successful model that includes a strong support and training system. They have enabled me to embrace any challenges in the childcare industry with confidence. One of the greatest rewards has been that I have been able to give back and provide a valuable service to my community.end-quote
- Luisa Pappert, franchisee since 2005