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Successful Home-based Business

Creating a successful home-based business relies on having the best tools for the job. With a Wee Watch franchise, you will have all the advantages that many people enjoy from starting a franchise business combined with the convenience and reduced expense of a successful home-based business. Wee Watch has been proving themselves as an exceptional Canadian organization since 1984, and now they are expanding across the United States. They continue to maintain their high standards of childcare and business excellence. Wee Watch owners carefully screen potential Wee Watch providers for their childcare skills as well as their ability to provide children with a warm, safe, and stimulating environment.

Starting a Daycare Business

Starting a daycare business is much simpler when you have a successful business model to follow and the support of a known brand behind you. A Wee Watch franchise offers that and much more. They also offer a home-based franchise business that will cost you a low investment and require low maintenance, which means you can start and run your business for less than you can other franchises. Also, starting a daycare business that doesn't require construction or leasing of the facility means getting started faster!

Important Tips for Running a Kid's Franchise

When you want to own and operate your own business, a kid's franchise may be the right choice for you. While there are never any guarantees as to a person's success, you have many options for a retail store, a child-themed restaurant, party planning services, or a daycare center. Operating any of these types of businesses can be a fun way to make a living and can offer a great career opportunity.

How to Start a Daycare Business

If you aren't sure how to start a daycare business but have always wanted to offer childcare to the community, a Wee Watch franchise might be the answer for you. With a franchise, you are never alone in your efforts. And, with a franchise from Wee Watch, you will learn how to start a daycare business that is based on a proven model while you receive the ongoing support of the Wee Watch home office. Wee Watch offers both part-time and full-time daycare options to children who are six weeks to twelve years of age. As a franchisee, you will operate the business part of the daycare from your own home while hired and trained providers give care to children in their homes.

Home Child Care Business

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy home child care business. It is for informational purposes only. No offer or sale of a will be made except by a franchise disclosure document first filed and registered with applicable state authorities. Any personally identifiable information collected on this franchise website is subject to Our Privacy Policy.

Home-based Franchise Opportunity

There are many reasons that people choose a franchise opportunity instead of starting their own business from the ground up. With a Wee Watch franchise, you can get a home-based franchise opportunity that will provide you with even greater benefits, starting with the Wee Watch reputation for excellence in childcare. They have proven to be an exceptional Canadian organization since their inception in 1984 by complying with and exceeding all provincial licensing regulations in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act of Ontario. Now, they are expanding into the United States to bring a home-based franchise opportunity to Americans who want a business that involves child care but who don't want to have the responsibility of providing the care directly.

Home Based Business for Women

Wee Watch franchises offer many advantages of a home based business for women who want, or need, to stay at home while enjoying a career doing something that they love. While there are many options for those who want to start their own childcare business, a Wee Watch Franchise is different from the rest. You get the support of a proven business model, the brand of a known and respected company, and the comfort and convenience of working from home. In addition to offering a home based business for women who still want to be available to their own school aged children, Wee Watch gives franchisees the opportunity to provide an important service to children and families in their local community.

Important Reminders When Running a Daycare Franchise

Choosing to run a daycare franchise is a very popular option these days; when you open any type of franchise, you're in charge and running your own business but still get help and support from the franchisor. It may also be easier for some to run a daycare than it is to run, for example, a restaurant where you need to work in a hot and greasy kitchen and where you're relying on new customers every single day.

Daycare Business

If you have considered starting your own daycare business, a Wee Watch franchise offers many benefits over starting a business from the ground up. Wee Watch is a Canadian organization that complies with and exceeds all provincial licensing regulations in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act of Ontario. They have a high standard of childcare and business excellence that they are now expanding to the United States, to offer an exciting opportunity for starting a daycare business that is different from any other option. They have been in operation since 1986, and offer a proven business model that requires a low initial investment and low overhead.

Reasons You Might Consider a Day Care Franchise for Yourself

In today's struggling economy, if you want a new or steady job you may very well need to create one for yourself! This may mean running a website and selling things online, or it may mean actually opening and operating a physical business. While there are many choices for prospective business owners, there are many reasons to consider a day care franchise for yourself and your new business venture.

What to Look for When Choosing a Children Franchise

There are many advantages to choosing a franchise over a start-up or stand-alone business when you're looking to own and operate a company. One is that you can use an already recognized name from your first day of operations, and another is that you typically get training and support from the franchisor. While there are obviously no guarantees with any business you may start, opening a children franchise can mean having advantages that other competitors may not.

Children Franchise Opportunities

For many individuals who are looking for the best way to start a business of their own so that they can provide care for children, franchise opportunities at Wee Watch offer many benefits. While most franchises provide franchisees with the opportunity to start a business on their own without ever being alone, Wee Watch franchises offer that and more. They are a combination of a franchise and a home-based business so that you gain the support of an established system through your franchise and don't have to worry about investing in expensive real estate and waiting for the construction of your new site. With a Wee Watch franchise, you take care of the business while professional childcare providers take care of the children in their homes.

Children Business

For those interested in starting a children business opportunities like those from Wee Watch Franchises are beyond compare. They have franchisees from all walks of life and there is no need for previous daycare experience in order to offer childcare. Business requirements include having people skills and key management skills, but you aren't actually responsible for the care given to children. Instead, you will operate your home-based business while professional childcare providers give care in their homes. This allows children to receive care in a home environment and from a single provider so that they have a better daycare experience than that normally provided in a daycare facility.

Why Choose a Child Care Franchise over Another Business Option?

When it comes to opening and managing your own business, there are no "sure things" in today's world. The economy itself will always affect the financial health of a business as will changes to the surrounding neighborhoods, competition, and the abilities of the business owner. However, there are good reasons to consider a child care franchise over another business option when you're looking to open and manage your own business.

Child Care Business

A Wee Watch franchise offers a new and improved way to start child care businesses. Wee Watch has been operating in Canada since 1984 and they have proven themselves to be an exceptional organization. Now that Wee Watch is expanding into the United States, they offer the opportunity for you to start a child care business that continues to maintain the highest standards of childcare and business excellence. As a Wee Watch franchisee, you will carefully screen potential providers for their childcare skills and also for their ability to provide children with an environment that is warm, safe, and stimulating. It's a chance to do a job you love with an organization that has a reputation for excellence.

Kids Franchise